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Tennis Court Renovation by the Experts

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Over 4,000 tennis courts renovated since January 2006  


Tennis court moss control


Tennis court cleaning




The sales bit, sorry it has to go in.

After renovating over 4,000 tennis courts Craig Wetherall is now considered an “Expert” In Tennis Court Renovation, he is also an enthusiastic tennis player (A team standard) and a qualified LTA Tennis Coach and all round enthusiast for the game.

Craig says… We all need a beautiful, safe, Tennis Court so that tennis can be enjoyed, without the fear of accidents and that the tennis court is also a credit to you and your guests.

Working Throughout the Midlands

Please note that Craig also does Tennis Court Repairs, as well as you having a Clean Tennis Court, TCM are professional Tennis Court Contractors, who can supply Tennis Court Fencing, Fence repairs, Tennis Nets And Posts, advice about Building A Tennis Court, Tennis Court Renovation, Tennis Court Painters, Tennis Court Painters for the full Court or just the Tennis Court Painting for the white lines.

They also have close contacts with Tennis Court Constructors, and are the experts at Cleaning Moss from a tennis court, regardless of how bad it looks.

Give Craig a call for a chat about your situation, on 07702 342533 or e-mail him at craig@tennis-court-maintenance.co.uk

How we do it

Below are some videos that explain how my Dads engineering background which meant he designed his own rig for Tennis Court Maintenance as none of the conventional methods were fast enough or efficient enough.  I am very proud of this fact and gives me joy to use his machinery.



This week on our customers tennis courts

At last we were able to source some 3 metre high chain link fencing for one of our private tennis court customers. It seems that ordinary tennis court chain link fencing is becoming extremely hard to source. Everybody is turning to the anti vandal proof steel mesh fencing. Not aesthetically pleasing surroundings, it must feel like playing tennis inside a prison (Yes we have actually renovated tennis courts inside a prison,) an experience I shall not forget for a while.

For that hard to source renovation ring Craig on 07702 342533

We saved one of our recent customers £12,000

£12,000 is what they were quoted for having their “condemned” tennis court re-laid. After deep pressure cleaning with our unique machinery, (which cost us almost £48,000 to design!) we were able to determine that the surface could be saved. We achieved this by applying a binder to the tarmac which bonds the chipping's together, we then re-painted the surface.  Below are some pictures of our renovation as well as some very nice comments from our customer.  

Contact Craig on 07702 342533    Or e-mail craig@tennis-court-maintenance.co.uk

We removed 72 wheel barrows full of moss from this court in 1 Day

When we bought our house, we acquired a tennis court that was around 30 years old. The previous owners had used it as an area where their kids could ride their bikes. It was covered in moss and seemed beyond use. I contacted several tennis court maintenance companies and their advice was much the same - it's too far gone, scrap it.

The only company that was different was Tennis Court Maintenance. They took a much more positive approach and said it could be cleaned up, re-painted and restored to use. They even guaranteed that the court would be playable for at least several more years provided I maintained it properly.

I couldn't believe the difference when the work was complete. It was almost as good as new. Not only have we been able to enjoy the court, but we feel certain it has added value to the house. It was a much better outcome than scrapping the court. We now get annual visits from Tennis Court Maintenance to keep the court in order. They are always reliable, diligent and cheerful. I recommend them very highly.

David Bint

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